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Advanced Technologies Company was established since 2012 for the mission of World Class product – Sale, Engineering, Training and especially Electrical and Automation solution provider.

We focus on new innovation and commit to develop continuously in Job Operation, Service, Training, Project Implementation and Risk Reduction with ISO standard.

Advanced Technologies provides integrated solutions on electrical system of plant, factory or machine in diverse industry. Our solutions are scalable from stand alone to total system integration which are comprised of:

Machine control with world class small programmable controller and motor starter with operator interface in sequence control.

Process, plant or factory control with top programmable controller, motor starter, instrument, wire and wireless communication and operator interface which is a screen on panel front and Human Interface software on computer in sequence control and continuous control.

Energy Management system which is comprised of high quality energy meter, power meter, Human Interface software with Database on computer workstation to monitor energy consumption, power quality and programmable controller to control and manage the load usage.

IIoT implementation with IIoT-ready solutions which connect and expand the capabilities of legacy equipment within existing facilities in order to leverage protocol conversion, visual management, remote monitoring and industrial Ethernet technologies to help customers do MORE with the need for smarter and more interconnected operations.

As the global expert in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, Advanced Technologies has been delivering innovative solution to customers for over years. Our Automation, Ethernet and cellular M2M technology enable companies worldwide to gain real-time data visibility that drives productivity. Consequently, Advanced Technologies has gained the trust of companies domestically and internationally.

Advanced Technologies Mission

Advanced Technologies commits to be one of long-time partners with clients and principals. Our company provides scalable integrated solution on machine, process, plant and factory in programmable controller, motor starter, operator Interface device, software, energy management and training. Many important tasks for us are Quality Control Development, New Innovation Studying and Staff Training for Reliable Smart Control System Implementation.

Advanced Technologies Philosophy

To satisfy our clients and principals as long term partners, working in transparent and professional way, together with a culture of right services and trainings with an accountable and open communication are our key integrated competencies.

Advanced Technologies Team

One of our team capabilities is electrical solution provision which must satisfy with our client requirements. With 10+ years’ experiences, Advanced Technologies has the engineering capability to design, implementation, testing and commissioning electrical systems to finish on time in schedule in many application fields and industries. In addition, we supply various Programmable Controller models utilized in the control system in the factory. The assurance in quality controls between beginning to commissioning adapts quality standard to use with designing, drawing, implementation, setting, programming, inspection, testing and commissioning before we hand over our whole job to our valued client. The maximum of system performance, reliability and minimum of risks are the most important bases for us, team.


Approved System Integrator

ISO 9001 :2015