PowerFlex 700L

PowerFlex700L AC Drive, 400 VAC, 3 PH, 1250 Amps, 800HP Normal Duty, IP20 / Type 1, No HIM (Blank Plate), No Brake IGBT, Without Drive Mounted Brake Resistor, No Communication Module, 700 Vector 24V I/O, None, None

Model Number : 20LC1K2A0ENNAN10WA

PowerFlex® 700L AC Drives offer either PowerFlex 700 Vector Control or PowerFlex 700S Control on a fully regenerative, liquid-cooled power structure. This powerful combination offers great performance and high power capabilities in a small package along with energy savings and low harmonics. The PowerFlex 700L AC Drives are flexible, high performance drives available in panel mount and cabinet mount versions.