FactoryTalk ViewPoint

FactoryTalk ViewPoint 50 Client System – (NEWER catalog numbers are available on the Software Portal at commerce.rockwellautomation.com)

Model Number : 9522-VWP50RENE

Put Your Plant Floor in Your Pocket

On the road, at home or in the office, FactoryTalk ViewPoint provides a secure interface with FactoryTalk View’s graphics, trending, and alarming applications through a web browser. FactoryTalk ViewPoint extends the access to FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) and Machine Edition (ME) applications to right to your mobile devices for improved real-time decision-making.

As an add-on to FactoryTalk View SE and PanelView™ Plus, FactoryTalk ViewPoint delivers a rich, interactive experience that includes real-time and historical trending. You gain the simplicity of standard browser navigation and new degrees of access to critical FactoryTalk View information all in a web browser. There is no client software to install and maintain, lowering total cost of ownership.